Sime’s all new Substation is a unique way of providing heating and hot water to individual units in a multi-unit setting, either commercial or residential.

Sime Substations are heating substations suitable for apartments & multi family dwellings that are connected to a heating network.  They enable the heating of individual units within a multi-unit building from a central boiler room.

The Substation is designed to deliver hot water and high efficiency heating by drawing energy from the main heating primary circuit delivered from a centralized boiler plant room, thus eliminating the need for individual flue systems, gas lines, condensate drains, and gas ventilation in each individual unit.  The Substation offers all the benefits of a combination boiler without the combustion.  It can also be connected to low temperature heating systems, and the domestic hot water is heated separately through a built-in high capacity heat exchanger.

These multi occupancy heating units also utilize an in-built energy meter which monitors the amount of energy being used in each individual dwelling.  Meters are available as read only or complete remote surveillance solutions.  Other metering options, such as wireless/prepay meters are available and may be included within the SIME Substation during production upon request. The information provided by the heat meters can be used for billing. 


  • Internal wiring factory fitted
  • Compact size – 30” x 18” x 11.4” (approximate)
  • Light weight – 71 lbs
  • Built in pump and air eliminator
  • Built in plate to plate heat exchanger(s)
  • Top mounted fittings for easy access
  • Provides heat to: radiators, in-floor, or air-handlers
  • Large domestic hot water capacity – up to 5.3 gpm
  • No gas lines required
  • No venting required
  • No condensate drain required
  • Data collection either via M-Bus or radio frequency without requiring suite access
Jan 25-27, 2016


March 16 - 18, 2016

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