SIME is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating equipment, with sales in over 65 countries. Every SIME product has built into it the highest possible quality and operates at the highest possible efficiency.  What this means to you, our customer, is that each of our products provides you with the highest possible value over the life of your SIME product.  We have been at the forefront of heating technology for over 50 years and expect to continue being there for the next 50 years.

SIME North America’s product line can provide heat only, or both heat and domestic hot water, utilizing either condensing or non-condensing technology, depending on your needs.  Many of our boilers have the built in capability to produce domestic hot water; others can be coupled with indirect hot water tanks to provide it. 

Because all of our products modulate to match the heat requirements of the building, they can be used in condominiums, apartments, detached homes and commercial/institutional applications.

All of our condensing boilers meet the California NOx emission requirements.

The all new SIME Substation takes efficiency to the next level, coupling the advantages of central boiler systems with the ability to specifically control the level of comfort in individual residential or commercial suites, as well as providing individual billing to customers, if desired. 

Jan 25-27, 2016


March 16 - 18, 2016

2016 CMPX SHOW - Toronto, Ontario

With over 250 exhibitors, free seminars, technical workshops, and much more CMPX is Canada's largest expo for plumbing, hydronics, HVACR, and water ...